Workshop #2: Editing & Sharing

Workshop #2: Editing & Sharing

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What to expect? 

The class runs for a total of 3 hours. For beginner to intermediate photographers. This course will take place first outdoor with a 45min shoot,  then proceed inside for hands on guided instruction on Editing & Sharing. Be prepared to conquer square one. 

What will be taught? 

  • Making your subject comfortable. (Mom, dont tell your five year old to sit still and smile) 
  • Capturing the random moments (and making it look good) 
  • Editing your pictures without photoshop and have them still look GREAT. 
  • Sharing your pictures online
  • Organizing your pictures on your computer
  • Could I sell my photos? 
  • Website/Blog Design
  • Framing and Composition of my photographs
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Workshop #2: Editing & Sharing Your Photos

The Class Includes: 

  1. 1 hour 30 min in class and 1 hour 15min shooting outside 
  2. LightRoom/Photoshop basic explanation on the big screen
  3. Editing well on your iPhone session
  4. Some professional portraits (of you!) 

What you need:

  1. Your Camera (Canon, Nikon, Sony, iPhone ect..) 
  2. All your gear (extra lenses or tripod or selfie stick) 
  3. Cute you. (We will be taking your picture) 
  4. laptop with editing software (not required) 

"Taking this class from Jacob was a worthwhile investment.   He was by my side as I took pictures to guide me and teach me.  He became not only a friend but a mentor who I feel comfortable coming back to with more questions. Thank you for this class and teaching me so many things!"