"We had Jacob create our wedding video and I couldn't be happier with how perfectly he captured our special day. I fall in love with the video every time I watch it. He was incredible at capturing and bringing out OUR personalities and OUR wedding through the video. He is so friendly and made me not only feel at ease, but made it a fun experience the whole time. I am so grateful to Jake for giving us a video we will always cherish." - Jessie

"The BEST! Jacob captured my daughter's wedding on video perfectly. From song choice, to filming the details like the lace on her dress, he created something that is uniquely Jessie and Karson. I can't even tell you how many times I have watched the video, and every time I love it more. It is something that I will cherish forever. Thank you for sharing your incredible talent with us Jake!" - Jessie's Mom (Michelle) 




AWESOME! Jake did an amazing job! He went above and beyond and my wedding pictures look fantastic! I absolutely love everything he did with the editing and posing. He asked for all the poses I wanted and then made sure that I got everything I wanted on my big day! Jake is insanely talented and will instantly make you feel comfortable in front of the camera (even during those awkward kissing photos). I couldn't have asked for a better photographer!

- Ashlynn Moore (Bride)



So, "DEPENDABLE" may seem like such a "blah" word, but when your life is on a stressed and hurried schedule of deadlines, commitments, and unforeseens, "dependable" is the one thing that can bring peace to your world!! Jacob does what he says, and he says what he does. He makes your time together fun and worthwhile. Both the bride and groom dabble in photography and it was great to see him involve them in pic decisions, ego left at the door. It was so fun working with you! I would do it again!

- Britta Almodova (Mother of the Bride)




Jacob did our engagements, bridals for my wife, and our wedding pictures. They turned out amazing!! He was constantly aware our needs and it was all about us. He adds his awesome personality to everything. Aso makes the headache of getting your pictures taken - turn into an amazing time. Thank you Jacob Dunford!

- Mason Jensen (Groom)


Jacob did our wedding pictures! He was all about just wanting us to have a great experience and to get amazing pictures, which he did provide! And he gave us so much more than we expected and really went out of his way to make sure we got what we wanted.
He was so much fun to work with. Meeting for the first time instantly felt like we were meeting with a friend. 
I would easily recommend him to anyone. He was also very easy going but took initiative. With him being in charge of photography, it was one thing I didn't have to stress about AT ALL.

- Ryan + Addison (The Bride) 




Jacob took our engagement pictures, and he did an incredible job! I was having a stressful day, but he instantly helped both me and my fiancé relax, and he kept us laughing the entire time. It was such a great experience -- and a fun memory. Not only is Jacob super professional, but he is such a joy to be around. He definitely knows how to take incredible pictures and make people feel good about themselves. :)

- Katelyn Ericson




Jacob is amazing at what he does. He took my engagements and they turned out amazing. He made us feel very comfortable and not awkward like most photographers. I would recommend him to anyone who wants great photographs and have a great time shooting them.

- Nicole Barry







Creative! He is such a good photographer and captures the moment perfectly! He is very experienced and definitely knows what he is doing. The locations he picks are perfect too. Jacob also makes the photo shoots so fun because of his enthusiasm.Highly recommend to hire him!

- Alisa Blake







My husband and I have 3 energetic little boys. 11 years old, 7 years old, and 23 months old. We had been putting off getting family pictures for a few years, we feared the ordeal of trying to get all the boys to cooperate. Jacob was amazing. Not once did I stress about getting the boys to stand still. He worked with their energy and excitement. When they wanted to take a picture of them doing something random (i.e. swinging in a tree like monkeys) he took a picture and somehow made their silly request look perfect. Even our 7 year old (who has ADHD & Autism) enjoyed getting his picture taken. Jacob didn't once get impatient with his quirks or his squirming. He was able to capture my family in a way I haven't experienced before because I was always focused on making my children "stand still & smile". Still and smiling is not my family. :) Jacob captured the beauty in this stage of our family's life.

- Mel Downs (Mom)





As a close friend of Jacob's, I have been able to accompany him on some of his photo shoots and also witness the incredible amount of time and effort he puts into editing his pictures to perfection. You can rely on Jacob to produce the beautiful pictures you want as well as help you feel comfortable during the entire shoot. He is one of the greatest and most talented people I've ever met. I'd recommend him to everyone because he is as amazing as a photographer as he is a friend, which is saying a lot :)

- Laura Lewis



Helaman Girls-7713-2.jpg



Jacob is the best. The best. He knows what he is doing... trust me! He is great at making you feel comfortable and letting you feel like yourself and pose naturally, yet somehow still getting the perfect shot. Always. He is talented, fun, fast.... I had so much fun! I am so pumped about my mission pictures... there isn't one that I wouldn't want to have on my plaque hanging in the church building for a year and a half :)

- Lauren Thomas (BYU Student) 





Jacob is an amazing photographer and person. He knows what he is doing and brings out the genuine personality of his clients in his photos. He made me feel extremely comfortable, and I had a great time during the photo shoot. He was so fun to work with! The pictures turned out better than I could have imagined. He works magic with his camera. Thank you so much Jacob! You and your photography are amazing. I wholeheartedly recommend Jacob Dunford!

- Anna King 






I accompanied Jacob on a shoot today, and I was blown away by how informal and relaxed the entire thing was. His client seemed very comfortable, and the informality provided a unique atmosphere wherein he could capture the best shot. He is quick, efficient, and he cares. I highly recommend Jacob Dunford for his photography style and speedy delivery of the edited final photos. 5 stars!

- Tate Wright






Jacob is extremely talented with a camera, yet he makes it looks so effortless. The whole session was really comfortable and I felt no pressure or anxiety at all! Plus the pictures turned out to be fantastic! I absolutely want to hire him again.

- Marisa Shelton







Passionate! Working with Jacob takes the pressure out of getting excellent photos. Our shoot was unique in that we wanted to capture our three chihuahua's in our "family" photograph. Jacob was equal to the task! He knew which techniques to use to bring out the best of our 4-legged 'kids'. The pictures exceeded our expectations and we wholeheartedly recommend Jacob for anyone who wants top-quality photographs!

- Chris Cousins-Nuno (Spouse, Doggie Parent)







JACOB. Wow wow wow, if he isn't the best guy of all time -- and also the best photographer! He makes it all so comfortable and not awkward at all, you can just get right into the swing of things because you all are just having so fun with him! He also takes the best pictures. He edits them and makes you look so nice, but doesn't edit them too much or anything -- it's all perfectly done. He has a knack for this stuff, he takes them better than anyone else. He just does it better. It's pretty great. So much talent in this guy.

- Courtney Bateman







Jacob is so great to work with. He makes it so fun and easy! Great guy, great photographer, great times.

- Carloine Neville








Jacob made the shoot so so so fun, I couldn't stop laughing. Then the pictures turned out beautifully. He works magic with a camera and with people.

- Madeline Hawkins (BYU Student)








Just wanted you to know that every time I look at one of Hayley's pictures I love them more and more!  We have already had so many compliments on them.  Jacob Dunford you truly are a talented boy!  Thank you so so much!

- Rachel Gharring







Up and coming photographer with an eye for all things visual, Jacob Dunford not only sets a high standard for quality sessions, but creates a refreshing view on personal pictures that make an impact. With flexible schedules and open ideas, Jacob Dunford has a future to be strong and successful. It is a name you can rely on, an atmosphere you can relax in, and a photography experience you can be sure to smile about.

- Jenna Koford







Working with Jacob was fantastic! He is very easy going, but also very precise in his work. He makes sure he gets the perfect shot to please you. He also makes it easy to be yourself to have your individuality shine through in your pictures.

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