I need to promote my business. I want 10-15 people to help me out on this. I will give each of you a few great pictures of yourself and then you will post them on social media. Like these are going to be the best pictures you have ever seen of yourself and I will work with you to get that perfect picture. 


I want to take all the pictures during Jan and Feb. You should all plan to post them the same week. 

What do I get out of this?

1-10 free pictures. Free. Like $0. You will also be featured as one of JacobDunford Rep's/models. You also will win free stuff for telling your friends about your sweet pics. You can offer your friends a $25 off discount on any session. (I wont offer such discount so they have to go through you) 

Wait? Free Pics & Free Stuff? 

Yup. thats right. 

REFER 1 FRIEND =  Starbucks on me

REFER 2 FRIENDS = you get 2 free movie tickets

REFER 10 FRIENDS = Ipad mini. 



Name *
Phone *
Phone or Email is alright. Just so I can contact you.
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I agree to be a JacobDunford Representative
This means you will tag me in every photo and be like the biggest jacobdunford.com fan ever.